Double Penetration Sex Tips  For Women...

Why would anyone want to have two cocks in her pussy? How to enjoy the two cocks in your pussy at the same time?

Created by Joan. Copyrighted by her. Feedback welcome to Joan

The next hard core sex tips created by a real swinger lady. She loves to have threesomes, anal sex, and she loves to have two cocks in her pussy.

 Double penetration

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All the women should know:

If anal sex does not hurt for you, you may want to give this a try sometime. However if anal sex really hurts, there is another variation of the "sandwich" that can bring a special pleasure to all of you. Consider having your "partner #1" lay on his back with his legs dangling off the bed. Put a couple of pillows under his ass to raise him high. Get him rock hard, and then lower yourself onto him. Raise yourself up and down a few times so you both enjoy his full penetration. Then, spin yourself around so you are facing away from him. Invite your "partner #2" to come over and neck with you, while you slowly raise and lower yourself off and onto "# 1's" pole.

Meanwhile, use your hand to get  "#2" as hard as possible.

Many women do not care   for anal sex.

Personally, I find it to be very pleasant... 

Particularly when I am sandwiched between two guys and one has his cock buried in my pussy while the other guy (after getting well- lubricated) slides into my back door.

What a feeling of fullness...

 double penetration



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 When he is hard, pull him close to you, and press his cock against " #1's" as it slides in and out of your pussy. Then, when He is thrusting in, pull the tip of "#2's" cock up against "#1's" and under the hood of your pussy. Let the two cocks rub together like that a few times, and then whisper into "#2's" ear that you want to feel him inside you while "#1" is also inside. Lean back a bit, letting "#1" reach around to play with your breasts so "#2" can straddle his legs (and be between your legs), so he can get real close and insert himself into you along with "#1".

This may result in a three-high sandwich, or, after "#2" is inside with "#1," you may roll to the side for a side-by-side- by-side sandwich with the cocks of both men inside your pussy.

You will find yourself feeling VERY full, with a whole new kind of wonderful sensation coursing through your body. The guys will find it to be a highly erotic experience too. I'll bet one or both of the guys will shoot their load very quickly.

When I have had two guys do this to me a few times, I have found that they eventually gain control over their cocks, and can pump me for quite a time... Often with alternating strokes... Bringing me to numerous orgasms and a fantastic high... Before they come.

Of course, like everything else in the life, practice will make it perfect.

More info on anal sex and anal vagianl double penetration.

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