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Why Women Fake Orgasms?

Is she faking an orgasm? How can you tell that your female sex partner is faking an orgasm?  Why do women fake orgasm? How can you tell if she did not have an orgasm?

Women Were Not Supposed To Enjoy Sex

Around 60 - 80 years ago, women did not supposed to enjoy sex. They should not even have made lovemaking noises, or their  husband would think their  wife is a very bad, unfaithful woman. At that time women supposed to clean the house and take care of their kids.

Sex was taboo, but and when the time came for having sex, she just laid back, opened her legs to serve her husband sexual need.

Those days are history. Everyone, men and women realized that sex is much better when there is no limitation what is allowed and what isn't. Today we have arrived at the opposite extreme where women are expected to have powerful multiple orgasms over and over, again and again. This puts more pressure on men to perform their men duties. And if you can't handle this pressure, your partner or wife will find somebody else who will. It is much better to get into swinging and get that sexual satisfaction together.

Older Men With Younger Wives

Many women want to prove it for their man, he is a real powerful man - or in some other cases, they want to prove, he is still a man. For example older men with younger wives... Thos younger wives do this, by faking orgasms. Every woman has faked an orgasm at one time or another time for one reason or another reason. If she faked it once probably she will fake it again when she think it necessary to keep her sex partner happy. Also women might fake orgasms for several other reasons. They might do it, because:

May not have ever had an orgasm before. Now, this might sound a little weird but it does happen with women. I have known several women who have never had an orgasm. I always try to convince them that I can give them one, but I never seem to score with these kind of ladies.

Some of the women gets sore really fast. This could be because of her body type or because she doesn't produce enough lube.  Some women have very thin vaginal walls. Lubrication will help.

Some ladies thinks that it is so important to you. They are willing to fake it for their man.  This is why you don't want to put too much pressure on the topic.  To me if you do, you are forcing her to lie to you. 

Does She Fake Her Orgasm?

So how can a man figure it out, does she fake her orgasm? Well there is no way to tell it for sure, but there is lot of sign that might help to realize that, she needs more quality sex.

The most important thing is, don't feel pressured. There is no schedule what you have to do with her. You do what ever you can and do it with a cool head. Be calm and relaxed, you are getting laid. So this is already something. Now you  have to concentrate on her needs. Studies show that 70% of women are faking orgasms. That means, if you don't do it right you have a big chances that, your sex partner will fake it too.

Erotic swingers sex personals

We build this page for swingers. Swinging is a lifestyle where people socialize and if there is a spark, they will have sex together. If she is faking then obviously you are doing something wrong. She is faking it because she wants to get over it fast and go looking for somebody else, who knows how to make a woman happy.

So How Can You Tell If She Did Not Have An Orgasm?

  • She quickly leaves the bed (or wherever you had sex) and starts to do something else. For example take a shower. She takes a shower to get ready to the other guy...  If she really had an orgasm, she would need a couple of minutes to put herself together before thinking and walking.
  • Her face lack of color. When a woman experiences an orgasm, her cheeks tend to change color due to the increase in blood flow.
  • Her eyes don't look dazed: The eyes tend to look relaxed and dazed seconds after an orgasm.
  • Her noises don't match what is going on. If you are performing oral sex and you take a break for a second and she is still moaning, chances are she is faking it.  It is like someone who keeps on dancing after you turn the radio off.
  • Mechanical moaning. If she is moaning like what you would hear on a porn movie, the chances are big she is faking it.
  • You don't feel her PC muscle gripping your penis. If she is about to orgasm or having an orgasm, this will go nuts.  You will be able to feel it. However experienced sex partners can control their PC muscle.
  • Her breathing. If she is breathing heavy while she has an orgasm, she will continue it for a little while. If she can turn it off like a switch, she is probably faking it.

How Can You Stop Her From Faking? 

You can be open and keep a direct line of conversation flowing. But should not start like this: Did you cum? This is the worst what you can ask. It is much better i t you tell her: I am not sure you enjoyed it that much as I did. Ask her what makes her have an orgasm.  You try to understand what you can do so she doesn't have to fake it.  If you are kind and gentle with her, she will open up and tell you what you need to do.

Also two guys can do better job then one. If you aren't swinger this is the right time to think and talk about it.

Swinging is not for everybody. If it is not for you both, than you should learn more about women and sex. Click here for more sex related info.

Also you can learn to live with it. She fakes her orgasm. Some men say what the big deal about it. Well maybe nothing, but one day she will realize, how great a feeling it is to have a full blow orgasm and at that point you are out of the picture. So why not try to control things now, when you can?

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